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What Our Clients Say ?


Thank you, Ms Usha, for teaching me English Tuition all this while and telling me that I am able to do it! Without your strategies and compliments, I am afraid that I might not do as well as I actually could. Back then I was struggling with my composition and comprehension. However, I feel much more confident and comfortable with your methods!

Dawn Choo

Yishun Primary School

Ms Usha, thank you  for being my English tutor. I have learnt vocabulary and new words. You are very strict but I’ve improved a lot. I’m glad to have a teacher like you.”

Vanessa Poh

Rosyth Primary School

When I first joined Ms Usha’s English Tuition class, I was only getting grades such as C5 or C6 for English. My school’s English teacher’s teaching was extremely inadequate. After I turned to Ms Usha for help, I had a much better grasp of the English language and eventually scored an A1 for my ‘O’ Level English, including A1s for my combined Humanities and English Literature. My command of the English language has improved by leaps and bounds under Ms Usha’s meticulous marking style. It is only thanks to her that I am able to improve my grades in English.


Northview Secondary School

Ms Usha is a committed teacher.
She brings years of knowledge and know-how to the teaching of English Language. Beginning with a core philosophy, Ms Usha works out the unique breadth of the subject she clearly loves.
The students begin to see parallels between current affairs and expository writing. Ms Usha as their English Tutor encourages the students to begin a learner-driven, but disciplined, inquiry into the subject.

Mark Lim

Raffles Institution

Despite having gone for only a few sessions of English Tuition with Ms Usha, I was already strongly convinced that I could depend on her to help improve my English, for she had shown the winning traits of a first-class teacher. She is very dedicated and patient, making sure I was proficient in one area before moving on to the next one. Furthermore, her enthusiasm to help her students, something I find lacking in many otherwise good teachers, translates into a genuine effort not only to tutor students academically, but also to impart her wisdom to us.

Kenneth Ng

Bukit Panjang Government High