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My Qualification and Experience

Ms Usha, Thiyaga


  • NUS degree with English Language Specialisation
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education with English Language Specialisation


My Experience

I have been teaching English to primary and secondary level students for 16 years. As a MOE secondary school teacher, I have taught hundreds of students with various abilities and talents. Having a passion for teaching English, I strive to impart this passion to my students. Some students have a natural flare with the language, and with these students, I give them plenty of creative space, encouragement and guidance to further develop their gifts. Provoking questions and challenges are posed to these students to stretch them further. English Tuition at home is definitely effective in providing the attention students require to develop their potential.

I like to inculcate a love of reading to my students by recommending new books to them and encouraging them to write critical reviews of books that they read.As a Private English Tutor, there is a lot more flexibility to develop critical thinking in the lesson. English Tuition at home is essential for our students to thrive.

My classes are always exciting as I use a variety of tools such as interesting current affairs articles, YouTube videos, mind maps, vocabulary and grammar games and literary devices to enrich and motivate my students.

My Certifications